coti photos

It was another output, in Institute of Intermedia. We were in group. New personalities were kind to help me. But there is maybe for little time no place to make it in such theatrical scale. Retire for a while and finish new version of projection screens. Mooving system is absolutely in progress, maybe in near future I hope.

by end of semester, I have to show kind version of my long term piece infront of, department, that time without others. Maybe it something on it, but it is difficult for setup. So it has to be more to packable version and I was also missing guitar, which I have to learn to play and still to be able to controll other periphery.

Shows parts, where we were trying to find color and wind of whole.


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COTI - city

AV performance in party of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, villa on Štvanice Island, performance with Matěj Šenkyřík (guitar), with help in end sound balance by Luca Fernandes.


God Bye 2015

This was just the video as part of application for Kruh Festival 2015. But I didn't make it. Anyway I was thinking about theme, instead of interactive instalation, we use this video in FAMU plaed by "Television on the stairs".

GenderFree 2015

My live visuals with Jakub Svoboda and Johuš Matuš


NEZÁJEM-Danda,Králíček 2015

collaboration with Martin Danda in Small theatre F. X. Šaldy in Liberec


I did this video for fun, for others from VIZKOM, when they had final Atelier work presentation.

Kůra, 2015

participation on festival, I can say: first performence.. next time more compression..

Zpopela, 2015

Group exhibition and film festival in city old Cinema Varšava, Liberec

My job was Placement of light objects "kill" outside.. + projection in cinema after 10pm

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Sculpture designing and town planning XXXX, 2015

I want to Star Coding Again, 2014

Divadlo chaosu Divadlo chaosu

Instalation on Circle Art Festival in Ústí nad Labem, part of group exhibition: Food Source

Reconstruction of banned project Curvature, Dating, Food, And rejected exhibiting in own school and not to be accepted grow in this festival to another moment - after half of year, half of my instalation was not returned by festival, and it is maybe destroyed. FUCK OFF

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Jizera Mountain Czech - Polish Symposium, 2014

Divadlo chaosu

Photographic device build with Raspberry Pi, mobile by battery + its connection as artifact in space including performative situation also with collction of movie by its photos.

The constant "performance", the result character in the images is not so important, not in proper photographing. In response to the Internet culture, with profiles and self­ presentation, in this case, the author refuses and takes photos in a specific manners and circumstances.

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From Darknes / Back to Past / FUTURE, 2014

Exhibiting artists were: laboratory0: Ales Bělohradský, Eliska Králová, Vojta Havlata, Jakub Krejčí, Martin Hofman, Matěj Bláha, Jan Hubáček, Petr Hostas, Hana Kostruchová

Divadlo chaosu

Happening in Gallery 69, where I was curating this group exhibition, not really exhibition. We started deploying devices befor theater started that evening, when it ended and people were going out to spend time in CLub, The Opening and spech took a part. After moments friends luckyly friends of Honze was around from abroad by a van, so they helped us. There were not possibility to leave devices in such a place without bigger controll.

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Curvature, Dating, Food, 2013/2014

Kinetic installation, ready-mades Studio A0, A1 and hall with staircase, Building of Technical University in Liberec, 2013-2014

The planned exhibition project Curvature, Dating, Food for the gallery Tranzitdisplay based on my interest in the site specific space installations. The statue must be on-line. , the viewer is Specifically captured by video camera, which is an input device for Web Part. The physical part consists of kinetic and audiovisual installation. Work can be moved, but better to create a additional, when each of them is connected with shared server. The goal is mastery of techniques, but simultaneously attitude, how to live and to be on in relationships with others.

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Confrontation with Anna Daučíková, 2014

Divadlo chaosu

I was Attempting to New Media on Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Run away from Liberec was not good idea, it was interesting confrontation, but right is to finish what I already begun in ZIPPE atelier, not Finish, that is my nature, just part of it.

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Gateway of chaos - Star system, 2014

Brána chaosu Brána chaosu

audiovisual instalation, Saloun mansion, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013 (part of the installation were light installations Ghosts and Stars, they were installed a few months, as opposed to the very gates of of chaos)

Term paper on an internship in studio guest teacher of Fine Arts under the guidance of John Mladovský. Part of the light installation Ghosts, constellations and Star. Work experiencing and representing Night and Day, as we experience it. Gateway chaos is connected to the Internet.

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Attack, 2012


object, Paper and LED strips

The scene! After escaping a white tiger from Liberec zoo who attacked one lady. Short task, topic: assault, max 40x40cm. The object has been stolen from areas of the Technical University in Liberec, where he was exposed. "The guilty would deserve a good few slaps. So here it goes."

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Hoof Here, a Hoof There, 2012

Kopytem sem, kopytem tam

Installation, gif animation in the working environment OF the author studio of Visual Communication - Digital Media, FUA TUL, Liberec short task, time for fabrication: 2h

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NetArt, inspiration in internet dating, available at:

Sound Device, 2012

program created in processing The input is a multidimensional array, where the stored numbers matching to notes of writing guitar tabulature. The program is further adapted in some variation is part of the job: Theatre chaos colorful cupcakes and Landscape.

sound device sound device

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Abortive photos, 2011

few was on exhibition in Casta Rock Club, Liberec, Czech Republic, but that means nothing and it would be better ass full space instalation with all set.

Nepovedená fotka nepovedena fotka

Abortive Photo came from shooting paintings on the roof for the portfolio. The camera should be on the automatic - was not. Approximately one thousand photos of paintings. What is abortive Photo? View of professional photographer is quite limiting. Abortive is the photo that should be successfully taken, but the intention was not successfully done.

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Why?, 2009

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