Dominium & Projectction system in Unity 2019

Dominium, Spirale (2018)

Dominium is a spatial installation with Ambisonic audio system and multi-projection. The project perceives virtual reality in a pa rallel dimension to a entity’s own heterotopia. The journey travel through fictitious mirage in future, by collaging tragic events of past, a fatal atelier. It finds itself in the convent of Saint Agnes, an archaeological site of instant fragments. The spectators are together with various personas, to juxtapose their moment in silhouette. We have to evacuate, drift into the echoes of reality to anticipate possible constructions in virtual environment, in Dominium, among one of the many territories. Installation is in loop cycle and used as a live instrument.

9. 6. 2019 at Studio Hrdinů

by Jakub krejčí

participation in live audio performance: Jakub krejčí and Digital Unrealities (Jiří Rouš, Petr Zábrodský, Sara Pinheiro, Alexandra Cihanská-Machová) With support of: Institute of Intermedia, ČVUT; Center for Audiovisual Studies, FAMU; Studio Hrdinů and Arts and Theatre Institute

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