Theater of Chaos

audiovisual instalation in author workspace studio of Visial Comunication - Digital Media, FUA TUL, Liberec, Czech Republic

divadlochaosu divadlochaosu

Previously used term "perfect chaos" I wanted amend during my stay in Prague. Give it space, with the same idea as when I go around the cathedral or if i see only one image. I created my first drawings of landscapes from universe where everything is taking place in accordance with the correct key. I wanted to control the weather by music. I created landscapes in 3D and also as models. Two objects were created, relics relating to the whole landscape. They are lighted, star ticks by a field of numbers, representing the rule. Form the landscape. As I wanted to visualize the music, so this array of numbers at the time playing in the processing, presenting notes, suggests a hard rule of music, weather, space. It is an audiovisual installation, which is complemented by a personal working environment of the author, where the installation takes place. It offers another dimension, development and contexts. Painted picture has so many layers and that what we see is almost never the best, but the idea is the same. As for relics, compose blocks, 3D landscapes. Work suggests, does not show, because it is not painted comletely. It is very imperfect, but if it is chaos or perfection. It is a practical arrangement of work space, which are cleaned and changes, at the end containing one, the last stage. The output are the relics and it is moving the author into a virtual 3D space. Installation should be in the dark. My point is about colors, light, projection, process overlapping everything else irrelevant. All controls the white and black. When light comes , there is the reality.

divadlochaosu divadlochaosu
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