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audiovisual instalation, electronics, video studio of Visual Comunication - Digital Media, FUA TUL, Liberec

The work is a transition from traditional media of painting and drawing after half a year in the studio of digital media. The author himself in his nest in the middle of the technical world. Inspiration from reading the book The End of History of Art by Hans Belting. It is an audiovisual installation, the core in the video 6.avi. Somebody called "Homage to Jii Kol It was recorded in the author's room, which is also related to the project 3x3x3 meters, painting and filming. At the moment it is infinity in the image, so we turn away from them. A context of the studio is image more infinite and extensive. In its unique implementation. Trying to separate from the canvases, they were removed from the blend frames. With frames to be further treated. Making imitation of frames. Extending beyond the surface on which the applied color. The beginning was the model that was by author destroyed. Photos are only preserved from the finalization of the model in a large scale, which of course did not match and was destroyed. The final work is the installation of digital equipment owned by author. That's what moves with him, just to keep changing, you can not look at stability.

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dalsirozmery dalsirozmery dalsirozmery dalsirozmery dalsirozmery
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