Reality non reality, aame difficulty, what is stupid human reasoning, bearer of time, attention, thinking, actions, both, connection and negotiations. React less rather not sure that something again wrong. Where, circumstances, necessary added meanings, rejection risk, hurt and open doors for further sequence.

Hitchhike visit in Mies van der Rohe Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the whole intention pays tribute to Otto Piene. In study for this was also entrance of ASP Wroclaw Traugutta building, this is trapped on screen.

Crashing space, sound, new involving space, sky art, absence of it, generating material. Just images, colors, nor video, pain thing, through, deep, in view, dream, database, structure in use. Architecture now is not real.

Please Close My Doors

I'm trying to build extended version of my Ardiomp Leonardo based Midi Controller. What is new is the plexiglass box and 8x8 matrix. Still not finished :) I hope that I ll make it all working soon.

There was just that room for few last moments when the Erasmus exhibition was going to be situated. But at the end, everything was different.

My point was absolutly to see especialy the controll place with computers, table and sofa.

But everything was targered into the wall projection.

It was going be part of that exhibition, I was also erasmus student but there was some misunderstanding and it was separated. Unfortunately I saw a point in that.

I did whole performence for about 8 hours in that day.

It was not just audiovisual show of image but also social space.

Domination was taken by 16minuts video I made for Multimedia Space workshop. Another and whole thing was as project of Creation of multimedia space.

Taking advatage, project to more space and change it. Just little bit as I remembered from Piene last instalation.

"Fuck Off in 7 minutes" instead of "Projectins in 15 minutes"

Several Persons wisiting space. Instalation was controlled and changed during performence.

FOr next session I build in to program video mapping functions.

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