Project of light paintings, which is also music instrument / plays music or is conected online

Why should not the image be lit and be heard? Search positions. Music is more than audible, composing! In the experimental position instrument with software and visualization. In a fixed position autonomous interactive installation. This ongoing and variable project.

Paint natural images, even if they are not painted on ideally, can continue forever. The painting is a sort of basis of art, especially on the wall. In the absence of money from digital means, current technologies. Production was possible pay and get more industrial ~ superior / clearer character. In the handicraft work and intensive contact with the work hands the author - continuous ritual experience, means an attitude. Into account - Arte Povera.

Programmable, a network between them - more continuity than the painted in perspective.

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Presentation depends on the composition of the program. Be able to produce tools as in the past, bow and arrows. Vilém Flusser, its technical images and relationship to music. Communication and the context. The integration of computers into objects around us. Network as the basis of evolution?

Cyber??-communication, light painting space. The image is delimited music. The scene in the image is again bounded architecture. All images form the next scene. Object / installation in space, in: Public - building / outdoor spaces, birth environment compared discreet that we know. In the gallery, in the studio or concert space as an experimental environment - a performative, theatrical performances and a tool for interacting with viewers or statically mounted.

How should the work called? Kitty_chaos_planet, lightwallpaintings, audiolightwallpaintingsonline, UNTITLED? Prefer to deal with relationships. Consider the author's dependent on artificial interactive conversation.


the means, the style of abstract forms as the reduction of specific concepts. The paintings in the form of light objects & musical instruments. In this look upon Zdenek Pešánek and his light sculptures and colorful piano.


form affects modifiable and extensible character of the work. When is currently in version 1-beta [triptych: FUCKOFFPAININGS, foodclone666bitch, foodclone2packz; Pi-Koèièka].

microcomputer controllers and the buttons are images mutual relationship links. Each image is scene and scene painting? The system is independent - does not require additional computer, which already contains. This is a programmable sculpture / installation / platform / musical instrument on-line.

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more static system installation is hung on the walls, separate or interconnected according to the series. Buttons are intended viewer. Chat features. Individual systems are spaced, mutually fulfilling conversation he sees each one of them, in projection, then in light, sound interpretation, which does not literally say what is actually communicating. Together, the conversation may be edited as a Web page server applications.

practical installation serves as a musical instrument, an actor is an artist compared to the viewer. The concert, which plays a role only functional and necessary. Buttons on the table, as a counter, on the ground, suspended in space, but also on the wall. As effect pedals, accompanying electric guitar or play autonomously.

Experimental installation, use in site-specific for exploration. It has a theatrical character, mingling with the function of the studio. Stage work - exploring the relationship between media and intellectual background. A view of the society. How to engaged in an active his art to use. Drawing the viewer. Dialog light paintings with paintings and photographs, music, words, texts etc. Suspension / wall / concerts / combination. In general the change room.

What is at the sound, light, images and individual parts? In a text message, in a speech or have to speak on their own behalf? Due to globalization & seriality emphasize the uniqueness and the context, even if they are unknown. Why is what / how installed. Contempt for the art? Install or purely labor?

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and usability for design intervention in the area of architecture. Gracefully?. Then it is just one stage in the production, hides what is behind the author. Do not let the art machine. Communication, on the projection visualization of music / chat.


, as formed by someone else killed Catherine Veronica. Jakub just an echo of the past. Illusion. Not waste time and go back. Return to mysticism, to restore the ring again. Social, and feminist? xD defends personality? Unique to world. Need to respect what they are or leave ...?

At least one level higher than the purely user. Uniqueness. If art must necessarily be its range in this unique cyberspace, which is any, is however necessarily to distinguish. The true identity is the personality of opinion in general against globalization and the more like mystery in terms of groups. The true uniqueness may be hated because novelty is scary for most. Forming a constantly new and the old rules modified. Up to the new language of communication. Art is just what the Internet includes his account. Unique range of cyberspace, it may be, but distinguished.

feel, compare and again and again rejected it, how they are formed, more digitally. Mediates new interactions and condensed forms and ideas. The need for physical contact as opposed to "great" intangible. As with painting, just be less action over a longer process, more concentrated, hands, and energy. The choice of words, automatic action without emotion? Musical instrument, the choice of playing music on a program-generated or sampled from the database. Content Rating.

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interconnection of systems in distant locations (build another system) through a web server in / create a larger light image (eg 1x1m) / industrial image processing, additional images for light installation. Photo / video image. Print. Etc.