3x3x3 meter space - a place to live


February 2011, several individuals have the available space for living and studying. One of the rooms was divided by plasterboard. The observed subject moved into one half, where began to live. This room approximately corresponds to the dimensions of 3x3x3 meters. The subject dealt with this area for almost a year, after which he innumerable times changed it. Outlook is available in the direction to city square Soukenn�, Liberec. The second part of the division was left to the subject behind the wall. wall did not isolate too much noise, sometimes subject knows about the subject behind the wall and vice versa. The observed subject lives in chaos, it would like to live in a clean, unfortunately it's interests in such a small space do not allow.

The room was filled from the beginning with the large amount of objects and furniture. The model represents an idealized form of the room, designed for convenient use. It features with furniture and paintings. Everything needed for rest and thinking. Paintings fill the room with sufficient infinity. But it is a dream, the subject would not still look at the same image at the same location. The actual room is filled with other objects and subjects can not leave it blank. All needs and can not give away. The visit also not, with it, by contrast, can began to play with, starts throwing toys on the floor. People met here, loved and hated. During that originated constantly image of these moments, which was maintained in a few images. They insist, the room is already different. It doesnt happen that host left without colored spots.

The subject was always looking for new solutions to explode objects in it's space. He would never find a good variant, the space is too small. The subject, best with other people in the room, liked to play games, after the drops falling on the ground was not looking, it was everyone nicely. Books have read, distracted. For computers wondered, guitar held. Ashtrays scattered, basked in the window. Was saying come in and opening a door. Sometimes a few times in months changed the whole room and rebuilt. It must had been in hundreds of forms. Bed, on the construction leveled up wanted to put it, but has lost money every time. Sleeping with well beyond him. He does not know when to stop to deal with how to live in this area and when starts discover another. Parquet, dirt. Room seem to be sick, but happily lives. Cleanup and offers a more beautiful moment.


The paintings I worked for a rest, but they started becoming inseparable part of the place form in which I live. My own note pad and also personal decorations. Often inspiring also stressful. Calms also clean area if is not intended for work, do I agree? Feelings awaken images, also nightmares. Paintings and their chaotic arrangement deepens. Deepens the cleanliness also chaos. Shows examples of chaotic deepening. The role has books, colors, music. Useful mess in a limited space. The subject is looking for a functional, efficient room. Access to everything. Social room, chaotic elements evoking fun and an even bigger mess, enrich the senses and ideas.

My room in its form, and a hundred times another unclean. The gate opened and pushes site into a wider dimension. From which is waking up and falling asleep into that. In themselves and in the world, there is always something looking for, the most important finding. It can be dangerous adventure, who is playing? Of the Doctrine we have plenty, what we do not know? so what inspires us when we wake up before falling asleep? Each day, as the only way leads back home. With what people live and with what they would like to live. An especially if they want to go on, then which the manner and with what. Space do not exist when it really live in is always different and new premises offer. Space does not exist when it really live. Space does not exist.

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